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“Zander has an unrivalled passion for audio in games that translates directly into the quality of his work.”

Chris Conte (5 Lives Studios)

“Zander has great creative vision, he's easy to work with and super professional. His team created high quality sound effects and music for our game Bounce House, and he guided other audio professionals where necessary. Would definitely recommend working with Supertonic.”

Simon Boxer (Twice Different)

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"Zander loves his craft and it comes through in the quality of his work. He has a deep passion for what he does and an incredible attention to detail and authenticity."

Matthew Ota (Crystal Pug)

“Not only did Zander do a great job creating the sound effect for Steppy Pants, he also helped implement them all in the game too, which was a great time saver! He always took great care in making sure everything was sounding as it should be.”

Steve Last (Super Entertainment)

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"Zander worked with my studio on our 2016 game Pandora's Books which was nominated for an AGDA award. His work was fantastic & the audio in game FX & OST he produced for the final game was just amazing. It was on-time & in the format we needed, but most of all creative & engaging for our players. We were under a lot of pressure & Zander continued to work to our schedule in the ways we needed even when that was quite demanding. I've got no hesitation in recommending Zander & his work for any audio, sound design & music composition you need."

Sarah Smith (Smithsoft)

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“Very lovely to work with. They actually taught us a trick or two about being organised and efficient during our work together.”

Jed Dawson (Affable Games)

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“I’m more than happy to recommend Zander and the team at Supertonic. They really brought the game to life!”

Brendt Sheen (Code Heroes)

“Zander has a holistic view of a project and its vision - he was receptive to the creative direction for our game and created a music score that not only helped to convey the game’s expectation bending themes, but enhanced them. Additionally, I’ve had the melody stuck in my head for 2 years now.”

Atticus McNaughton (Subtle Boom)

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