Public Speaking, etc

GCAP 2018

At the Game Connect Asia Pacific conference in 2018, Zander co-presented a talk with Jeff van Dyck: Boom Box – Audio Workflows Inspired by Constraints. They each spoke about various tips and tricks they have figured out in their respective careers, from pre-production and organisation workflows through to mixing and implementation.

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GCAP Loading 2017

Leading up to Games Connect Asia Pacific, the organisers run a one-day symposium for students and aspiring game developers called GCAP Loading, at which Zander was invited to speak. He gave a talk entitled Why Does My Game Sound Like Balls? which covers a lot of common audio problems that he has helped various indie developers overcome in the past. Anya McNaughton supplied the drawings of cute bunnies that help illustrate the talk's points.

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Heart Beat 2018

At the inaugural Heart Beat Symposium at Byron Bay, Zander was invited to give a talk about the sound of sex in video games, entitled Intimate Performances – Approaching the Sound Design of Sex & Romance. The presentation looked at how sex and romance sounds in different genres, and how to leverage generic expectations to help elicit the desired emotional response.


Pax Australia 2016

For PAX Aus 2016, Zander organised a panel with Australian game audio professionals Meghann O'NeillRick Salter, and Maize Wallin called Hey, Listen! – How and Why Great Games Sound So Good. The panel was moderated by Lee May of Defiant Development.

Gamasutra blog – Guide to Optimising Unity’s Audio Import Settings

Frustrated at the lack of in-depth documentation on the effects of Unity’s audio import settings on performance, Zander wrote a comprehensive guide to optimising these settings for different types of audio in various circumstances. Gamasutra featured the blog post, which you can read here.

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Zander has appeared in Marshall McGee's YouTube series on sound design in video games, Waveform. First as an excerpt from the "Hey, Listen!" panel in Episode 4: What Do Guns Really Sound Like?, then again in an interview in Episode 5: What Does "Realistic" Sound Like?

GAME – The Italian Journal of Game Studies

For Italian journal of game studies GAMEZander wrote a paper entitled Killing-off the Cross-fade on his research into "imbricate audio" – a method of creating and implementing interactive music in video games. The proposed method has been used in a few launched titles so far, including Sling Kong and Oopstacles, and is the basis of a procedural music system for a new, unannounced project.

In short, imbricate audio can perform some musical transitions with recorded (or pre-rendered) music clips that could previously only be achieved with sequenced audio data such as MIDI or Mod/Tracker. You can read the paper in full, here.