Non-Game Credits

Film & Animation

Barbouillageville (That Painter Film)

An animated short by Declan Byrne and Connor Johnston, with music by Zander Hulme and sound design by Nicola Leonardi. It screened at Festival de Cannes in 2013, and the Brisol Encounters Short Film Festival in 2014. Barbouillageville is a serene European town of white. Serene, that is, until two rival painters – one blue, one yellow – find themselves in a bitter battle that grows rapidly out of hand, from paint brushes and spray cans to pirate ships and dragons. Watch it here.


Benjamin Goes to a Swingers' Party

An animated short by Declan Byrne, with music by Zander Hulme and sound design by Nicola Leonardi. It screened at many international festivals, including Animafest, NW Animation Fest, and it won Best Animation at the 2016 West End Film Festival. Benjamin Goes to a Swingers' Party is about a sad little man who can't get into a swingers party because he didn't bring a partner. Watch it here.


Thomas the Tank Engine's Existential Crisis

A Thomas the Tank Engine parody sketch by comedy duo Cheeky Moon. Zander composed a sound-alike theme song for the sketch, which mimics the sound and feel of the original Thomas the Tank Engine theme without actually using the same melody at all. He also scored wrote some musical underscore to punctuate the dialogue. Watch it here.


Other Stuff

Panda and the Bears

A carefree troupe of ragtag musicians playing slightly odd tunes by Zander. P&B had a whale of a time making a little album you can get for free on Bandcamp.

Bear With Me album credits:

Percussion/Vibraphone — André Bonetti

Tuba/Trombone — Declan Byrne

Trumpet — Jacob Hills

Violin — Matthew Petrasiunas

Piano/Sax — Zinia Chan

Ukulele/Vocals — Zander Hulme

Trumpets – Matt Hsu and Alice Wheeler

Clarinet – Zac Benjamin

Piccolo/Vocals – by Amela Duheric

Produced by Ben McLure & Zander Hulme

Thanks to Cameron Whelan for his assistance throughout

Cover art by Declan Byrne

All songs written and arranged by Zander Hulme ©2011-2013

Album art by Declan Byrne

Album art by Declan Byrne

Photo by Belinda Richardson

Photo by Belinda Richardson


Funk Midas

Funk Midas is a feature-length comedy stage musical about a man with a magic finger that turns everything he touches into funk – but his whole world is about to be turned upside-down when an fanatical boy band leader begins his scheme to extinguish all other musical genres forever! You can listen to a live recording of the original 2013 production of the show here on SoundCloud.

Music/Lyrics –Zander Hulme & Robert Zosars

Book – Declan Byrne