Bespoke audio for great games


At Supertonic, we work with dev teams to understand their project’s audio needs, then develop and implement bespoke solutions — supporting the project through to launch, and beyond.

We can scale to handle projects of any scope — from a handful of assets to ambitious, multi-platform releases.

We pride ourselves on clear communication and the quality of our work. Let us take care of your audio.




Our composers are versatile, with experience writing for many musical styles and moods.

We’ve delivered interactive music systems that can turn on a dime to reflect changes in the state of the game, creating a deeply immersive soundtrack that feels tailored to each play session.

We handle the whole process end-to-end, composing, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, and implementing the final tracks in the game.

Sound Design

Our teams use every trick in the book to bring you the right sound. Be it in the recording studio with Foley props, out in the field with a boom mic, or fiddling with our favourite synthesisers, we know how to get that perfect sound.

We collaborate with specialists: voice actors, sound engineers, recordists, instrumentalists, and more, building a team with the expertise your project deserves.


We get hands-on with implementation, because we know that when it comes to game audio, the magic is in how it performs in the game.

We use audio coding and middleware to make sure our sounds and music perform at their best in every use-case.

But we don’t just make it sound good, we optimise audio performance to keep our games running smoothly on all target platforms — even mobile.






Why choose Supertonic?


Proven track record

We’ve got a lot of shipped games and happy clients.


Flexible solutions

Big or small, we can handle just about any project, and we’ll put together the team to see it through to launch.


We take care of implementation

As much as is possible, we’ll take on the role of implementing the audio in your project. You won’t be receiving a folder of WAV files. We want to make sure everything works — and sounds great — on all of your target devices.


A single point of contact

You’ll always have a single point of contact, so you don’t have to worry about micro-managing. Our audio directors work with our creators to make sure every asset has passed an iteration and quality assurance phase before we deliver it to you.


About us

Supertonic is the brainchild of Australian game audio designer Zander Hulme. Leveraging Zander’s experience in composition, sound design, and audio direction, Supertonic draws on a diverse network of audio specialists who each bring their unique skills to bear.

Zander Hulme


  • Zander's work was fantastic ... I've got no hesitation in recommending his work for any audio, sound design and music composition you need.
    — Sarah Smith (Smithsoft)
  • Zander has great creative vision, he's easy to work with and super professional ... Would definitely recommend working with Supertonic.
    — Simon Boxer (Twice Different)
  • Zander always took great care in making sure everything was sounding as it should be.
    — Steve Last (Super Entertainment)
  • Zander ... has a deep passion for what he does and an incredible attention to detail and authenticity.
    — Matthew Ota (Crystal Pug)
  • Zander has an unrivalled passion for audio in games that translates directly into the quality of his work.
    — Chris Conte (5 Lives)
  • Very lovely to work with. They actually taught us a trick or two about being organised and efficient during our work together.
    — Jed Dawson (Affable Games)
  • I’m more than happy to recommend Zander and the team at Supertonic. They really brought the game to life!
    — Brendt Sheen (Code Heroes)
  • I’ve had the melody [that Zander composed for our game] stuck in my head for 2 years now.
    — Anya McNaughton (Subtle Boom)

Let’s chat!


We’d love to hear about your project — big or small.

We always start with a no-obligation chat, because it’s important that we understand your project and your goals. From there, we can discuss what’s possible, what feels right for you, and what value we can bring to your project.

We also offer free consultations for games in pre-production, and audio audits for games that are already well underway.

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